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07-07-2017: Video Araani at IFSEC London 2017

Thank you for visiting Araani at IFSEC International!

Big thank you to everyone who attended IFSEC International and who came and visited Araani at the Milestone booth!

With all that has happened across the news recently, security is at the forefront of everyone's minds and is a crucial part of a successful business, economy and country. At IFSEC International, professionals from every area of security came together to reflect on where this industry is and where it needs to go.


15-06-2017: Araani in Fire Risk Management Journal

Video Smoke Detection for critical environments!

Video Smoke Detection (VSD) is specifically used for protecting people, property and production processes within critical infrastructures.  Pieter Claerhout, CEO of Araani outlines how video smoke detection systems come into their own in critical environments and how they help maximise the use of emergency sources..

02-06-2017: Araani in Waste Advantage Magazine

Video Smoke Detection for Waste Management Plants!

Fires in waste storage bunkers are a frequent and well-known problem.  Waste management plants therefore need an accurate and high-performance early warning system to protect both life and property.   Enter.. Araani!

29-05-2017: Araani in 10 jaar Ondernemerscentrum Kortrijk Magazine

From technological startup to world market leader

Araani is a young and dynamic company, specialized in Video Analtyics for People, Process and Property protection.  Run by Pieter Claerhout and Maggy Baetens.  Their focus is on the niche markets of chemical plants, process industry and recycling.  The technological startup company has now become a world market leader in fire detection through video analysis.  "10 jaar Ondernemerscentrum Kortrijk Magazine", had a chat with Pieter Claerhout. 

19-09-2017: Axis Communications Nordic Partner Showcase

Axis Partner Event where Araani will be showcasing SmokeCatcher

Axis, the global market leader in network video, is hosting a big event, open to installers, system integrators, consultants and end users who could benefit from the opportunity to see how Axis and its partners can provide solutions to meet their surveillance and business requirements. 

28-09-2017: Araani Certified Partner Training UK

Join our exclusive training and become an Araani Certified Partner

As a service professional, your knowledge and expertise make the difference. That’s why Araani now offers you the chance to join our exclusive Araani Certified PartnerTraining and get validated for your efforts. During this training, you’ll learn everything you need to know about installing and maintaining Araani’s SmokeCatcher video smoke detection solution.


11-10-2017: Axis Communications UK Partner Showcase

Araani will be showcasing its lead product, SmokeCatcher at this Axis Partner Event

Axis Communications, is organizing a second event for everyone who can benefit from the opportunity to see how Axis and its partners provide solutions to meet their surveillance and business requirements.