The what, why and how of video smoke detection

With the advent of Video Smoke Detection (VSD) technology, the security and fire safety industry have discovered a new and efficient way to detect smoke and fire in its’ very early stage. VSD is becoming increasingly popular in environments where there was no failsafe fire detection or smoke detection solution available.

High-impact or high-risk environments such as chemical plants, high indoor environments, and harsh environments involving chemicals, dust or humidity being present on a daily basis, all experience great difficulties in terms of smoke detection and fire detection using conventional linear, beam, or spot-type detectors. With VSD, those who depend on the fire detection and security industries finally have a solution, which accurately detects smoke and fire and at the same time reduces the number of unwanted alarms that affect the performance of an organization.


In this paper, Araani describes

  • the different technology components of a Video Smoke Detection system
  • including the camera and the algorithm, as well as the overall system architecture
  • a number of environments where VSD is considered by Araani
  • and its many global systems integrators to be the most effective solution available
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