Video Fire Detection

Patented early warning systems by Araani

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The Video Fire Detection solutions from video analytics specialist Araani are patented and reliable early warning systems for fire detection in critical environments.

These solutions offer superfast fire detection in places where traditional smoke detection systems fail due to slow detection or too many false alarms, with the advantage of having immediate visual verification.

The Fire Safety Solutions are developed to be used as a primary type of fire detection that can be connected with a Fire Alarm Control Panel. If this is not a requirement, have a look at our Video Fire Monitoring solutions.

Video Fire Detection sees it first

The Video Fire Detection solutions from Araani don’t need to make physical contact with the fire. The system can actually see starting smoke fumes and flames from large distances. This saves many valuable seconds, which can be used to act before a major accident happens.

Smoke detection sees it first

Ready when it matters most

Even a small fire can have big consequences, both in high-impact (e.g. airplane hangars) and high-risk environments (e.g. chemical plants). Traditional smoke detectors might only get activated when the damage is already done.

Effective in harsh environments

Video Fire Detection solutions from Araani operate flawlessly in environments where chemicals, dust or vapor are present every day. Unlike traditional smoke detection systems, they can be trained to eliminate false alarms because of these phenomena.

Ideal for great heights

Using Video Fire Detection is ideal for tall buildings or large indoor spaces. In these environments, smoke might never reach your traditional smoke detector, because of a process called stratification, which stops the upward movement of smoke.