SmokeCatcher Certified.png SmokeCatcher Certified Brochure

SmokeCatcher Certified is Araani’s intelligent camera, certified as a smoke detector.


SmokeCatcher brochure

SmokeCatcher is Araani’s advanced early warning system for smoke detection in critical environments.


Case Study: SmokeCatcher for SAMCON (chemical industry)

SmokeCatcher is the preferred solution for SAMCON, a German supplier of camera equipment for hazardous areas. 


SmokeCatcher video analytics integration into Milestone VMS

In this brochure, you will read how SmokeCatcher integrates into Milestone XProtect. 


eBook: Best practices for video smoke detection

In this eBook, you discover why VSD is the best solution for critical facilities, such as chemical plants, waste storage bunkers or production facilities.

eBook--5-unforeseen-consequences-of-fire-3D.png eBook: 5 unforeseen consequences of fire

In this eBook, we discuss thee important, yet often overlooked consequences of a re incident in your company.