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Application brochure

Application brochure

Video Fire Recognition for protecting people, property & processes

FlameCatcher Product brochure


FireCatcher is an intelligent video fire detection solution, that will trigger an alarm if it sees smoke or flames.

SmokeCatcher Product brochure

Araani Fire Guard

Araani Fire Guard is an intelligent video processing solution for recognition of smoke and flames.

FlameCatcher Product brochure

Araani Tamper Guard

Araani Tamper Guard is an intelligent tamper and image quality monitoring solution.

Case studies

Case study Samcon.png

SmokeCatcher for SAMCON (chemical industry)

SmokeCatcher is the preferred solution for SAMCON, a German supplier of camera equipment for hazardous areas. 

Case study Linde.png

Video smoke detection for Linde

Araani’s video smoke detection technology ensures fire safety at the world’s largest nitrogen plant.

Case study Unilin.png

SmokeCather for Unilin (industry)

Unilin can count on SmokeCatcher to keep its floor panels manufacturing sites safe.

Case study Belcolade.png

SmokeCatcher for Belcolade (food industry)

SmokeCatcher ensures fire safety for Belcolade battery charging stations.

folder use case_biostoom beringen.jpg

SmokeCatcher for Biostoom (waste processing)

Araani’s SmokeCatcher Certified secures high-tech waste incineration plant.


ebook best practices for video smoke detection.png

Best practices for Video Fire Detection

In this eBook, you discover why VFD is the best solution for critical facilities, such as chemical plants, waste storage bunkers or production facilities.

ebook 5 onforeseen consequences of fire.png

5 unforeseen consequences of fire

In this eBook, we discuss five important, yet often overlooked consequences of a fire incident in your company.


Video Fire Recognition

In this E-book, we explain what video fire detection and recognition are, and what it can do for you.


Tampering Detection

In this E-book, we explain what camera tampering detection is, why it is important to have and how our professional tampering detection solution differs from basic or pre-installed tamper detection


Video Fire Detection for waste management plants

Unlock the secrets of VFD as the ultimate solution for tackling fire detection challenges in the waste management and recycling industry.


Video fire detection for e-bus depots

Discover how VFD can play an important role in tackling fire detection challenges in depots for electric buses.


Video Fire Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Discover the role of artificial intelligence in the realm of video-based smoke and flame recognition through this downloadable e-book


whitepaper What, why and how of video smoke detection.png

The what, why and how of video smoke detection.

All you ever wanted to know about video smoke detection.