FireCatcher from video analytics specialist Araani is a patented reliable early warning system for fire detection in critical environments. By adding Araani’s proven & tested video analytics to your visual security camera, FireCatcher offers superfast smoke and flame detection in places where traditional smoke detection systems fail due to slow detection or too many false alarms.

Everything you need for fire safety

What’s included with FireCatcher?

Smart software

FireCatcher comes as software license for your Axis camera. The carefully developed algorithm scans the environment continuously and analyzes it in real time to exactly locate the incident.

Seamless integration

We make sure that FireCatcher is fully integrated and connected with your existing devices and systems, including LAN, VMS or Fire Alarm Control Panel. FireCatcher generates visual bounding box overlay and metadata for alarm visualization. FireCatcher features configurable detection zones to match any environment. Our partners are your guarantee for a smooth surveillance experience.


Araani has SmokeCatcher Certified as a CNPP and BOSEC certified Video Smoke Detection solution and FlameCatcher Certified as CNPP certified Video Flame Detection solution. FireCatcher combines these capabilities into one solution. If you want to have your FireCatcher algorithm, combined with an Axis camera, linked with a Fire Alarm Control panel, always contact the local authorities in advance.