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With Araani’s video analytics, you can offer your customers a reliable and innovative safety solution that will help them guarantee fire safety in critical environments. Araani integrators are truly the bread and butter of our company. That’s why we do everything we can to honor your commitment to us, with a full program of quality services to help you implement our technology into your customer environment.

We treat our integrators well

What’s in it for our integrators?


Quality training

We help you to get to know the Araani portfolio inside out, so you are able to service your customers efficiently.


Tools & manuals

A wide range of tools and manuals is always at your disposal for quick and extensive problem solving.


Continuous improvement

As part of the Araani Quality Program, we use the feedback from your customers and partners to improve the Araani solutions. With this organized interaction, Araani can translate the market feedback into product roadmap developments providing a mechanism for continuous improvement of the solutions.


Fanatical support

We know that unforeseen problems are a fact of life. But when Murphy kicks in, we are by your side to help you through it. We’ve developed our algorithm in house, so we’re 99.9% sure we can come up with a solution to your problem.