Video Analytics for People, Property & Process Protection

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Araani’s smart video analytics make it possible to detect smoke and other dangers in critical environments in a very early stage. In cases where traditional detection technologies fail, Araani’s video analytics are a reliable, fail­safe solution to protect your people, property and production process.


It’s fast

Unlike many detection technologies, video analytics do not need to make physical contact with smoke or dust. They immediately ‘see’ the danger when and where it originates. That’s why it’s so fast and reliable. Araani’s video analytics are also fully tailorable to your infrastructure.

Araani is fast.

It’s fail-safe

Araani’s video analytics are not server-based, but fully integrated into your security camera. This means that there’s no single point of failure in your security network. Also, your video stream does not need to travel across your network, so it does not eat up your bandwidth.


It’s easy to integrate

Araani’s video analytics system easily integrates with your LAN, Fire Alarm Control Panel, VMS or Event Notification Server. Araani works together with established camera partners, but we’re also happy to tailor our system to your specific needs.

Araani is easy to integrate.

It’s proven & tested

Araani’s video analytics have been developed and fine-tuned based on a vast video database. What’s more, our video archive is increasingly expanded with customer material, which improves our analytics even more, and which enables us to cope with a growing number of environments and requirements.


It goes way back

Araani has its roots in companies that have pioneered the video analytics industry. The expertise and years of experience of Araani’s founders have resulted in a rock-solid video analytics solution for your high-risk or high-impact environment.

Araani has a long record in video safety.

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