Video fire detection for e-bus depots

Discover how VFD can play an important role in tackling fire detection challenges in depots for electric buses.

Seemingly proportionate to the number of electric buses that are entering traffic, there is an increasing number of news reports on fire incidents with electric buses during their charging procedures. Since electric bus fires are hard to stop, the most sensible thing to do is to contain the problem and limit the collateral damage as much as possible. Obviously, this requires early fire detection.

In this eBook, we will argue that a fire recognition system based on smart video analytics offers e-bus depot operators a reliable way to protect their assets, safeguard business continuity, and potentially save lives.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:
-    The magnitude of the problem.
-    The most common causes of fire in electric buses.
-    The impact of those fires.
-    How early Video Fire Detection can help tackle the problem.


Download our eBook: VFD for e-bus depots