Video Fire Detection fine-tuning
and acceptance

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The fine-tuning and acceptance protocol (FAP) by Araani is a crucial stage in the implementation of video fire detection cameras, aimed at configuring the system to optimize its performance, adapted to your environment. This phase spans a month or more and involves factory acceptance, precise configuration, detection zones definition, continuous monitoring and optimization to ensure the efficacy, site acceptance test and documenting. This process is typically performed remotely but may as well involve on-site interventions if needed.

1. Configuration and factory acceptance 

In this first step, the installation of each video fire detection camera and software is verified by our specialized technicians, configured to align with the specific environment and functionally tested. This includes following activities:
  1. License activation.
  2. Verifying and optimizing the camera implementation and field of view.
  3. Delineation of detection zones based on the layout of the monitored area and potential fire hazards.
  4. Adjusting sensitivity levels and configuring other pertinent settings to enhance detection accuracy and response time while minimizing false alarms.
  5. Initial verification of functionality and connectivity.

2. Fine-tuning

Throughout the one-month fine-tuning period (period may vary depending on the situation), the Araani operations team continuously monitors the performance of the video fire detection system. This involves analysis of camera feed recordings, verification of detected events, and assessment. Our technicians iteratively adjust and calibrate the system parameters based on observed performance metrics and feedback from stakeholders. This iterative process enables fine-grained optimization of detection algorithms, refinement of detection zone boundaries, and enhancement of system reliability in identifying potential fire incidents. It is recommended to deactivate the cameras on the fire panel during this period.

3. Site acceptance and documenting

Araani specialists assist in the site acceptance testing, qualification and the necessary assessment of system responsiveness to simulated fire scenarios. This can be combined with the acceptance test by the inspection body if needed.
Comprehensive documentation and reporting are also integral to any fire safety system. Our technicians record all settings, optimizations, and observed performance metrics throughout the one-month fine-tuning period. These records serve as essential input for post-deployment analysis, compliance verification, and future maintenance endeavors.
In summary, the fine-tuning and acceptance protocol of the video fire detection cameras by Araani specialists is an essential and indispensible step in the deployment of every video fire detection system. Through  calibration, iterative adjustments, and continuous monitoring, the system evolves into a robust and effective tool for safeguarding lives and property against the threat of fire.

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